360 Rotation Endoscope Crawler Robot Sewer Camera | U99360 (Shipped within a week)

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360 Degree Rotating Robot Camera
  • All metal body IP68 waterproof
  • 2M HD camera image quality
  • Tablet PC WIFI control box to view real-time conditions
360 Rotation Endoscope Crawler Robot Sewer Camera | U99360

Tablet Controls Robot Camera

The tablet controls the all-metal-bodied robot as it moves freely into the sewer to probe, and the 360-degree rotating camera monitors what's happening inside the pipes from a dead-end angle.

360 Rotation Endoscope Crawler Robot Sewer Camera | U99360

360 Degree Rotating Camera

The camera can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally, or the height of the 180mm camera lift bracket can be adjusted vertically to the right position.

8 High Brightness Adjustable Lights

Front 4pcs 7W high brightness LEDs and 2pcs 3W auxiliary LEDs, all are adjustable brightness lights. 2 non-adjustable LED lights at the back. It can help you to switch the situation before and after the inspection without pressure.

360 Rotation Endoscope Crawler Robot Sewer Camera | U99360

Full Metal Body IP68 Waterproof

Full metal body ip68 waterproof, no pressure into any sludge, pool, cesspool and other harsh environments. It can be cleaned by water gun directly after use.

360 Rotation Endoscope Crawler Robot Sewer Camera | U99360

Dual-motor 4-wheel Drive

Adopting dual-motor four-wheel drive, the motor adopts 2*50W high-efficiency DC brushless motor, and the traveling speed of crawling robot can be adjusted in three gears.

Adaptation to Various Scenarios

According to the different conditions in the pipeline, the maximum climbing capacity is not less than 30°, and can be free form in the sludge. Adopting special cable for pipeline robot, the body can bear 50KG.

Automatic Release and Roll Up The Coil

The rearview mirror head is used for crawler machines to observe reversing and cable recovery between finishing jobs. Automatic release and roll up the coil makes the job easier and more convenient.

Tablet Visual Meter Counting

Tablet exclusive APP, in addition to controlling the crawling machine can also take screenshots, video, display the date and time, construction information, calculate the length of the cable release and other information.

2M High Definition Picture Quality

Feel free to navigate through muddy pipes and shoot in 2MP HD quality for a stress-free look at what's going on inside.

Robot Camera Material High Strength Alloy Material
Motoring  Mode Four-wheel Motoring
Moving Mode Four-wheel Crawling
Speed 2-25 meters/min
Three adjustable speeds
Motor Power 100W
Camera Pixel 2 Megapixel
Lens Rotation Angle Infinite 360-degree uniform rotation
Lens Flip Angle 190 Degrees
The Lens Material Alloy Steel
Light Power 40W
Front Camera Lighting Source 4 primary camera lights,
2 secondary camera lights
Backward Camera Light Source 2 camera lights
Waterproof IP68
Size 522.5mm*212mm*198.5mm/
Weight 9.8KG
Packing List

Robot Camera *1
Metal Frame Coils *1
Tablet PC *1
Power Cable *1

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