10-inch Large Sewer Camera with 512Hz sonde & Meter Counter | S810ASMKT

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10-inch Large Sewer Camera with 512Hz sonde & Meter Counter | S810ADSMKT

Export real HD video from TF card

Sanyipace 10 Inch HD IPS Large Screen

10 Inch HD IPS Large Screen

Sanyipace drain camera works with a 10-inch high-definition large screen display to make observation easier and more convenient. Equipped with an audio DVR function, microphone, speaker, one-touch video/audio recording, image capture, this device allows you to view the meter counter and time display in real time.

5X Digital Zoom always presents ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details.

5X Digital Zoom

Sanyipace sewer inspection camera adopts an upgraded chip to deliver crystal 1080P HD images and supports 5-level digital zoom, always presenting ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details, thus helping you to quickly detect problems in pipeline. Pressing the zoom button to achieve 5-level digital zoom and capture the view you want.

Multi-function buttons make operation more convenient.

Multifunctional Buttons and Keyboard

F4 key: Meter/Feet switch
F5 key: OSD switch (on-screen display)
F6 key: LED brightness adjustment (0-5 gear)
F7 key: Clear counter
ESC: Clear text
Enter: Skip to the next line of text
←: Delete text

23mm Self-Level IP68 Waterproof Camera Head

Self-Leveling & IP68 Waterproof

Sanyipace sewer camera is equipped with a self-leveling gravity bearing on the camera probe that automatically adjusts direction and level when taking pictures or recording videos, always delivering upright pictures. The IP68 waterproof rating allows the camera to work easily under water. With 12 Pcs adjustable LED lights to ensure a clear image and video even in the dark or wet environment.

Sanyipace plumbing camera probe has a built-in 512Hz transmitter.

With 512hz Transmitter Probe

The upgraded Sanyipace plumbing camera probe has a built-in 512Hz transmitter. The camera probe emits a strong signal when it works and can be perfectly matched with any 512Hz receiver to accurately pinpoint the camera probe and issue area, which makes complex pipe inspection easier. (512Hz receiver not included.)

Sanyipace Rotatable Control Box

Rotatable Control Box

Sanyipace endoscope camera screen is rotatable. The rotation angle can be turned up 135 degrees, left 180 degrees, right 90 degrees, and you can rotate the screen to the right angle for easy viewing. The control box is detachable for viewing the screen at any time and easy to carry. The perfect design can greatly improve your work efficiency.

7MM Rigid Coil

Compared with other sewer camera coils on the market, Sanyipace has a thicker rigid coil with a diameter of 7 mm/0.28 in, which allows the camera to enter deeper pipes more easily. There are 165ft, 230ft and 328ft lengths for you to choose. If you need other lengths, please contact our customer service for customization.

The upgraded meter bearing makes the meter counter more accurate.

More Accurate Meter Counter

The upgraded meter bearing makes the meter counter more accurate. It could automatically count the distance of the camera in the pipe and displays it on the screen by feet/meter in real-time, simply & accurately locating the issue area. The latest hardware frame design makes it easier to release or roll up coils.

Flexible Pipe Compatibility

The larger pipe diameters allow for easier navigation.
1. For 1.5-inch PVC, the camera only works for straight lengths of pipe.
2. For 3-inch PVC, the camera can navigate about two 90 degree bends.
3. For 4-inch+ PVC, the camera can navigate about three 90 degree bends.

Package List

1*10 inch IPS Screen
1*7mm Fiber Cable
1*Protective Shell
1*Guide Wheel
1*16GB TF Card
1 * User Manual

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