S8958MRT Feature and Introduction


Sanyipace S8958MRT is equipped with a 9-inch IPS screen and a microphone and DVR for easy observation. The meter counter function allows you to view the distance of the coil in the pipe in real time on the screen. The 512Hz transmitter is paired with the 512Hz locator to easily locate the camera and problem areas.

Screen Size 9''
Resolution 1080P HD
Camera Head
Waterproof Level IP68 
Camera Angle 145°
Camera Light Source 12pcs 1W high white LED (adjustable)
Meter Counter Record distance in real time
512Hz Transmitter Works perfectly with any 512Hz locator to quickly locate problem areas
512Hz Locator Matching 512Hz receiver
Video/Audio Recording One-click video/audio recording
Mic Built-in microphone supports recording during pipeline inspection to quickly document problems.
Save Picture Save clear and vibrant pictures
5-Level LED Adjustment Ensures clear and bright images and videos even in dark or humid environments
5X Digital Zoom Present ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details
16G TF Card Store files for better reference and analysis
Pipe Compatibility
 1. Easily pass through straight pipes with diameters greater than 40mm/1.57in.
2. When the pipe diameter is larger than 100mm/3.9in, it can pass through the 90° elbow pipe.
Coil & Length
0.2"/5mm semi-rigid softer coil: 65ft/100ft/165ft
9-Inch Sewer Camera with Meter Counter & Locator