Inspect Drain Line with Sewer Camera Sanyipace Sewer Camera Review


Right, what we've got here is the Sanyipace sewer camera. And I thought we'd just show you some of the basics before we actually use it. This is your adapter for power to plug it into the wall and connect charger. Something in the center pocket is the connection for the screen that groove right there goes at the bottom of the plug. It only goes on one way. Let me turn that on. It's ready to go, we can turn it on.

 Sanyipace Sewer Camera

Unboxing & Set up

That's the connection for the camera and in this little pocket right here it's the camera itself. Keep in mind that while the camera itself is waterproof, the connector between the camera and the cable needs to be waterproof. So be sure not get water enter the connection.

Sanyipace Inspection Camera

It's ready to go and you can see this doesn’t have a self-leveling feature. If I turn the camera, It turns what's on the screen. Because it does not have self-leveling function. This is for like a five inch pipe. This is a camera cover that you attach to your camera head. Since it is made of plastic, please be careful when screwing it onto the camera head.

Sanyipace Duct Camera

When you enter the menu and want to check the display settings, you just need to use the zoom button, which will be helpful. And I move over until it gets the yellow. Goes around the display settings then I'm going to hit record. And now I'm in display settings and I can deal with brightness contrast saturation and chroma. if I press record, it'll record with with sound and to hear the sound I have to take the SD card out and put it into a PC. It does offer a lot of screen features and different menu settings. It definitely provides everything we need.

 Sanyipace Pipeline Camera


This is a 100 year old house and we're going to look at the main sewer drains. Take off our pipe cleaning caps, put the camera in and see what we can find. It looks like our pipes are fine. We've probed 75 feet, I'm not sure how much your camera can see, but this picture we got is pretty cool. We have a good idea of the current pipeline situation. So far, so good. We're going to take the camera back, but of course you'll need to use some dish soap-type cleaner to clean it.

 Sanyipace camera review


The Savings

First and foremost, I want to say that this is a product worth investing in. Although it costs a few hundred dollars, the cost can be recouped after a few uses. Because if you want to hire a plumber, each inspection will cost $300, $350 or more. Investing in a sewer camera can be a good deal for the average homeowner. The cost is cheaper than hiring a plumber and the camera features are amazing.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is amazing, and we could see everything. Just like the test we just did. We also found a spot in the pipe with half an inch of water and some toilet paper stuck to the pipe wall. Of course, if you need a camera that can detect the target location, you can choose other models of Sanyipace cameras. Equipped with a locator, it can quickly and accurately help you find the position of the camera probe.

sanyipace sewer camera

Build Quality

The casing of this product is also very sturdy. The cable mechanism is very user-friendly, with a frame made of powder-coated metal and built-in spring stops to prevent the cable from bouncing uncontrollably on you. And the suitcases come with plastic latches, but they look nice and sturdy.

User Interface

The interface buttons take some time, but you can figure it out through the manual. Although we tried to figure it out. But once you figure it out, it goes very smoothly. The camera's meter recording function allows you to know the detection distance in real time. Of course, there is a meter clear button. The distance between the camera and the pipe mouth can be cleared, which can help you better read accurate measurements.

The Battery

Apart from this, it has a 4500 mAh battery. Having just started at 11.5 volts, the battery is now down to 10.9 volts. This test lasted about half an hour, and it didn’t consume much power with the lights on.


Thanks to Sanyipace for sending us this sewer camera for review. We really needed this equipment to inspect a house that had not been occupied in 10 years. I can buy or rent. But renting an inspection camera is not a wise choice and will only cost you more. All in all it's a great tool and I'll provide a link in the description below to take you to Sanyipace's website.

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