How to Use 512Hz Locator?


512Hz locator is an advanced tool that helps locate pipelines and underground facilities by emitting signals at the 512Hz frequency. In the field of engineering and construction, it is crucial to accurately know the location of underground structures, and the 512Hz locator is an innovative device designed for this purpose.

Functions of 512Hz Locator

High precision positioning
512Hz locator uses advanced signal processing technology to provide high precision positioning. This device can accurately locate the position of pipelines or underground facilities, avoiding damage to the environment.


How to Use 512Hz Locator

Step1: Once the locator is more than 5M/16.4FT away from the camera, please activate the "Far" mode on the locator and adjust the sensitivity button to the strongest gear. Observe the pointer and switch to "Near" mode when it reaches its peak.

Step2: In the "Near" mode with strong sensitivity, continue to monitor the pointer. When the pointer jumps to the peak, reduce the sensitivity from strong to weak.

Step3: Maintain "Near" mode with weak sensitivity, and observe the pointer once again. If the pointer returns to its peak, this indicates that the camera is located 1M/3.28FT nearby.

How to Use 512Hz Locator


512Hz locator plays a vital role in locating pipelines and underground facilities. The 512Hz locator can be used with any brand of sewer camera that can emit 512Hz signals, so that you can find the camera location more accurately. This equipment avoids damage to underground structures, increases work efficiency, reduces costs and minimizes risks. By using 512Hz locator, workers can better understand underground pipes and take timely measures for maintenance and repair.