How to Perform a Professional Sewage Camera Inspection

There might come a day when your sewage lines no longer work correctly. You may discover this unfortunate incident because of very slow operating drains, or worst case scenario, your sewage backing up into your home.

If you have issues like these, you need to figure out why. Whether you are a professional plumber by trade or an average homeowner, using a sewer camera will help tremendously in diagnosing your issue.

A sewer camera will help you with many aspects of your drain repair. Finding where a sewage line goes, how far the line runs before connecting to the city's sewage system, or what is blocking your line are all perfect opportunities for drain cameras to work for you.

Professional Sewer camera inspection

What is a sewage camera inspection?

Choosing to perform a sewage inspection yourself is not something you should be scared to do. Sewage camera inspections are very non-invasive and will have zero risk of damaging your sewage system while giving you unlimited possibilities to diagnose the issue in your home.

A sewage inspection is done with a specialized tool called a sewage camera. Here are some excellent model options for homeowners looking to solve their problems or a plumber looking to upgrade their service options.

A sewage camera will look like a long semi-stiff wire in a roll. On one end of the wire will be a small camera head. The user will have to connect a protective cage over the camera end with wheels that will protect it from rubbing the sides of the pipe, which can cause damage to the camera lens. The other end of the wire will have a connector that connects to the monitor.

Once the camera rig is set up, you will begin to feed the camera wire into the sewage pipe while watching the screen. This will allow you to see the entirety of the pipe as the camera reaches the point of the problem. It will give you a clear image of the issue and why it is causing you and your home so much trouble.

Using the camera will allow you to create the best game plan possible to dislodge any clogs, replace any pipe, or fix any other issues you may have. For example, if you have plant roots that have grown through your sewage pipe, you will be forced to take a much different approach than if the drain is beginning to collapse.

What is a sewage camera inspectionCan a sewage camera inspection find leaks?

A sewage camera inspection may identify apparent damage locations within your sewage lines that could lead you to determine a leak's location. If your sewage pipe is constructed out of clay, it could begin to collapse from the bottom. When the clay pipe begins to break down, the bottom will start to break apart and come upward into the pipe; this can cause sewage clogs and damage your tools if you attempt to clear the drain pipe.

If the leak's location is an apparent defect in the pipe, you may find the source of the problem with nothing more than the camera. However, this method should not be relied on as the sole method of finding the leak as it may be unreliable unless the issue is very apparent.

Can a sewage camera inspection tell what type of pipe you have?

Absolutely! A sewage camera is a perfect tool for determining what type of pipe you have; with it, you can see the inside of the pipe and decide which type of piping it is. The most used types of pipe used for drain lines are PVC, cast iron, or clay. PVC is the most commonly used pipe in newer construction, while the clay is quite common in older structures.

Can a sewage camera be used to locate sewage lines?

Depending on the sewage camera you are using, it may come with a transmitting/locating option to help you find exactly where your pipe is or where the blockage is. Here are some options for locating sewage cameras for you to purchase.

You may choose not to purchase a locating camera or a more affordable non-locating model. You may still be able to determine where the issue lies. First, figure out which way your pipe line is traveling. And then, with the help of the camera, you can find out if the pipe changes direction and measure the distance the camera travels. This will give you a reasonable estimate of where your sewage line and issue are located.

Can a sewage camera be used to locate sewage lines

How can a sewage camera tell how long my sewage line is?

You can purchase a sewer camera that has a distance counter included with the product. This will allow you to see how long the camera has been extended. Or once your camera has reached as far as necessary, you can locate the camera end with the location device if you have a locating camera. Once you locate the camera end, you can use a measuring tool such as a measuring wheel to correctly calculate the length of your sewage line. Sanyipace sewer camera has a counting meter function, and you can check the distance through the screen.

How can a sewage camera tell how long my sewage line is

Will I be able to see pipe line fittings?

With the help of a sewage camera, you will indeed be able to see what types of sewage line fittings were used during the installation of your sewage line.

Seeing the inside of the pipe and locating any fittings will allow you to correctly identify where your sewage line is running and what obstacles must be addressed when cleaning or replacing the sewage line.

Why should you purchase and perform a sewage camera inspection?

If you have plumbing issues within your home, you can quickly and accurately diagnose the issue with a sewage camera. This is an essential tool in any plumber or handy homeowner's toolbox that allows you to see the problem before attempting a repair.

Whether you are an ambitious homeowner or a veteran plumber, you know that using a camera could have untold benefits. For example, using a camera could keep you from digging up your entire sewage line. It could also help keep you from breaking other tools if the sewage line has a more extreme issue, and it can help ensure that you can repair it quickly and efficiently.

Purchasing and utilizing a sewage inspection camera saves time and money while getting your sewage line fixed and back to normal. Check out our variety of sewage inspection cameras today, and let us help you solve your plumbing issues.