9 inch 512Hz Locator Sewer Camera With Meter Counter | F929DJTX

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SANYIPACE Sewer Camera with Locator9 Inch LCD Monitor DVR Recording

The sewer inspection camera has a 9¡± HD color screen to display clear and sharp live images. Sanyipace underground pipe camera comes with a DVR function that allows recording the video or capturing photos, it supports the external SD card up to 32GB(16GB SD Card Included) to store video and image files for your reference. Sanyipace Inspection camera locator is a must-have tool for professional plumbers, contractors, inspectors, unblocking service companies, builders, etc.

9 Inch LCD Monitor DVR Recording

Newly Added Meter Counter and 512Hz Locator Function

There is a 512Hz signal transmitter in the camera probe, which will automatically transmit the signal when the device is working. There is a receiver in the package to detect the approximate position of the locator. We also add a meter counter function on the cable spool, the screen will automatically display the distance in meters and feet. So you can find the exact position of the locator with the help of these 2 functions.

Waterproof IP68 Camera Head, Strong Cable

Waterproof IP68 Camera Head, Strong Cable

The drain camera dia is 22mm which fits straight pipes at 25mm/1in-200mm/8in. it uses IP68 waterproof stainless-steel housing and protects cover, and a super flexible spring camera head with 12pcs adjustable LED light to brighten up plus The half-rigid fiberglass detects cable ensure the Sewer camera is well protected from any damage while operating, as well works perfectly in the dark environment. The cable can not direct bend less than 90 degrees.

Upgraded 512Hz Transmitter and Receiver

Upgraded 512Hz Transmitter and Receiver

Sanyipace Sewer drain camera built-in 512Hz sonde transmitter features flexible and stable signal which perfectly works with Included 512hz Receiver, makes locating things easier, with greatly save time & effort in operation of locating and digging the problem area. The upgraded 512hz frequency sonde locator is compatible with any 512hz receiver(not limited Sanyipace brand). Our 512HZ receiver supports up to 10 hours of working time for each fully charged.

How to use 512Hz transmitter sewer cameras

How to Work

Sanyipace Sewer drain camera locator has a built-in 512Hz transmitter in the probe tip. The 512hz frequency sonde locator works with any 512hz receiver. The upgraded receiver has two detecting modes: far mode and near mode. firstly, open the density to the strongest gear, and the detect receiver switch to far mode (Detecting depth: 10 feet) to detect and find the signal source, when its signal is up to the full strongest signal position(far mode), switch to near mode(Detecting depth: 10 feet) to detect until the 512hz signal reach strongest signal position(near mode), the target is near about 1m/3ft.

512Hz Receiver Specification

Receiver Frequency 512Hz
Power consumption Electric energy consumption
Detect distance 16.4ft/5m(far mode) to 3.3ft/1m(near mode)
Battery Capacity 3.7V 3000MAH built-in lithium battery
Charger 5V 1A
Detect Mode Far / Near
Signal Strength 6 gears
Battery work time about 10 hours
Charger time 4-5 hours

Package Includes

Part  Quantity
9” TFT Color LCD Screen  1
16GB TF Memory Card  1
4500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery  1
12pcs Adjustable LEDs  1
Sewer Coil  1
Connecting Cable  1
Screwdriver  1
Power Adapter  1
Pipe Pulley  1
Camera Protective Cover  1
512Hz Receiver  1

Help you choose the right model

User Manual

Sanyipace 9723D pipe inspection camera
Sanyipace 9723WF Plumbing Camera
Sanyipace 9300D drain cameras
Sanyipace F929DJTX sewer inspection camera
Sanyipace F927ADFB sewer drain camera
Sanyipace F929ADFB8R
Sanyipace WP9603 Industrial Endoscope Camera
Model F9C13 9723D 9723WF 9300D F929DJTX F927ADFB F929ADFB8R WP9603 F5100DJKABTX F5800ADJKABTX Model
Price From $299.00 From $349.99 From $349.99 From $379.99 From $999.99 From $379.99 From $1169.99 From $599.99 From $1,699.99 From $1,599.99
Screen Size 9 inch 7 inch 7 inch 9 inch 9 inch 7 inch 9 inch 9 inch 9 inch 10 inch Screen Size
DVR yes yes / yes yes yes yes yes yes yes DVR
Camera probe diameter 13mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 23mm 23mm 23mm 23mm Camera probe diameter
Camera Led lights 6pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs 12pcs Camera Led lights
Battery 2600mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh 6000mAh 4500mAh 4500mAh Battery
Remote / / / / / yes yes / / / Remote
WIFI / / yes / / / / / / / WIFI
Distance Counter / / / / yes / / / yes yes Distance Counter
Self Leveling / / / / / / yes / yes yes Self Leveling
512Hz Transmitter / / / / yes / yes / yes yes 512Hz Transmitter
512Hz Sonde / / / / yes / yes / / / 512Hz Locator

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