NEW! Touch Screen Sewer Camera with Self-leveling & Meter Counter | S610ASMKTCP

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Touch Screen Sewer Camera

Newly upgraded touch screen instead of button screen makes operation faster and more convenient! 10.1-inch IPS color display with 1080P high-definition resolution brings you a more pleasant visual experience. The camera probe has a built-in self-leveling, so you can observe an upright image at any time. 512Hz transmitter and meter counting make locating problem areas easier! DVR audio function and headphone port design make it possible to play videos with sound by plugging in headphones. 

Touch Screen Sewer Camera with Self-leveling & Meter Counter | S610ASMKTCP

10.1-inch Upgraded Touchscreen

10.1-inch 1080P HD touchscreen that offers better color accuracy and wider viewing angles, this sewer camera delivers an ultra-sharp picture from any viewing angle, making every detail of the inspection clearly visible. In addition, this pipeline camera allows you to view the date and time as well as the distance of the coil in the pipeline in real time.

Touch Screen Sewer Camera with Self-leveling & Meter Counter | S610ASMKTCP

With Self-leveling Function

Sanyipace sewer camera is equipped with a self-leveling gravity bearing on the camera probe that automatically adjust direction and level. It always keeps the picture or video upright regardless of the camera's tilt angle, making observation easier. Other sewer cameras flip the image as the camera rotates during a pipe inspection.

Built-in 512Hz Transmitter sewer camera

Built-in 512Hz Transmitter

This drain camera probe has a built-in 512Hz transmitter that matches perfectly with any 512Hz locator. When the distance between the locator and the camera probe is less than 3.3ft/1m, the locator signal reaches its maximum to accurately pinpoint the issue area, making pipeline inspection easier. Tips: The closer the locator is to the built-in 512Hz transmitter, the louder the signal sounds.

Real-time Meter Counter

The meter counting function automatically calculates the distance of the camera in the pipe and displays it on the screen in real time in feet/meters so that you can know the location of the pipe blockage. You can switch units by tapping imperial/metric, and you can also tap the counter clear to reset the current distance to zero for more accurate positioning.

IP68 Waterproof Camera Head

IP68 Waterproof Camera Head

The IP68 waterproof camera head is equipped with 12pcs white LED lights to ensure clear and bright images and videos even in dark or wet environments. Made of a super flexible spring and a stainless steel shell, this camera can easily enter various pipes above 1.57in/40mm, but the cable can pass through the 90° elbow pipe only when the pipe diameter is larger than 3.9in/100mm.

0.28in/7mm Stiff Coils Sewer camera

0.28in/7mm Stiff Coils

This pipe inspection camera has a thicker stiff coil with a diameter of 0.28in/7mm, which allows the camera to enter deeper pipes more easily without kinking. The solid coil frame makes the coil easier to release and roll up for more convenient use. The 50M/165ft coil fully meets the needs of daily use. If you need other lengths, please contact our customer service for customization.

Pipe camera with Keyboard

Recording & Keyboard Typing

The DVR audio recording allows you to record during the inspection to quickly record problems. The headphone port is compatible with any brand of 3.5mm audio headphones, and you can play videos with sounds after plugging in the headphone. 16GB TF card (maximum support 128GB) supports storing images and video with sound for later analysis. Furthermore, you can also make text notes through the wireless keyboard!

Sanyipace drain pipe camera can be used in sewer inspection
Multiple Application Scenarios

Sanyipace drain pipe camera can be used in sewer inspection, industrial pipelines, chimney inspection and kitchen plumbing. In addition, this sewer camera can also be used in water supply pipelines, air conditioning pipelines, cable ducts, underground cavern exploration and other fields. Sanyipace drain industrial endoscope camera can help you to solve the problems in your life and work easily.

Package List

1*10.1-inch Touch Screen
1*16GB TF Card
1*Sewer Coil
2*Protective Cover
1*Connection Cable
1*Screw Driver
1*User Manual

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