9-Inch Sewer Camera with Meter Counter & Locator| S8958MRT

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Sanyipace pipe camera is equipped with a 9'' IPS screen with a better, clearer, consistent true color display, offers broader views & high-quality ultra-sharp image experience. Equipped with a microphone and DVR to record and store images and videos with sounds (including a 16GB SD card) for better reference and analysis. Please play videos on a PC if you want to play videos with sounds. Sanyipace makes pipe inspection easier. Added distance measurement function can automatically calculate the length of the pulled-out cable to know the distance between the camera probe and the coil, and display it on the screen in real-time in feet/meter, making it easy and fast to locate the problem area.

Accurate Locator & 12 LEDs

This sewer camera has a built-in 512Hz transmitter that emits a strong signal when the camera is working, it can perfectly work with the locator to accurately locate the camera probe location. Sanyipace sewer camera adopts an upgraded chip and 145° wide-angle scratch-resistant sapphire lens with 5-gear adjustable modes of LEDs, ensuring you always have adequate illumination in dark or poorly lit spaces, allows you to capture clear and accurate visuals regardless of lighting conditions. Improved IP68 Waterproof and enhanced lens sealing prevents water intrusion. 

Sanyipace sewer inspection camera easier to Go Through Any Pipes

Easier to Go Through Any Pipes

Sanyipace sewer inspection camera is made with a 0.2in/5mm diameter fiberglass push rod cable that features higher durability and tenacity, which makes it easier to go through any pipes, especially in those hard-to-reach places, and works perfectly in dark/wet environments. The lightweight and portable design is easier to take anywhere. Sanyipace brings more convenience for plumbers, contractors, inspectors, engineers, and municipal workers.

9-inch IPS Screen & One-click Recording

Sanyipace pipeline inspection camera is equipped with a 9-inch IPS screen with a clearer and more realistic color display. The sun visor design allows you to always view clear and bright images and videos even when the sun is shining brightly outdoors. The large button design allows for one-click recording, avoiding cumbersome button-pressing steps.

Sanyipace pipe inspection cameras are widely used in underwater cameras
Sanyipace pipe inspection cameras are widely used in underwater cameras

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