S610ASMKTCP Highlights and Improvements


The S610ASMKTCP is a great sewer camera, especially with its touch screen functionality. The new touchscreen ensures faster and more intuitive operation, making it easier for users to navigate the device's features. With a 10.1-inch IPS color display and 1080P HD resolution, the visual experience is truly outstanding, delivering clear, vivid images.

One of the standout features of the S610ASMKTCP is its camera probe, which includes an auto-leveling feature. This feature ensures that the image displayed on the screen is always upright, making it easier for users to observe and analyze captured footage. This is particularly useful in situations where precise observation is crucial. To help locate problem areas, the S610ASMKTCP is equipped with a 512Hz transmitter and meter counting capabilities. These features work together to pinpoint any issue, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve the problem. This saves time and effort in troubleshooting and resolving issues.

In addition to its impressive visual features, the S610ASMKTCP also offers audio capabilities and a headphone port. Users can not only capture video, record audio, but also play videos with sound by plugging in headphones for a more immersive experience.

Screen Size 10.1''
Resolution 1080P HD
New Function Touch Screen
Camera Head
Waterproof Level IP68 
Camera Angle 120°
Camera Light Source 12pcs 1W high white LED (adjustable)
 Self-Leveling Always provide an upright image
Meter Counter Record distance in real time
512Hz Transmitter Works perfectly with any 512Hz locator to quickly locate problem areas
Video/Audio Recording One-click video/audio recording
Earphone Port Play videos with sound by plugging in earphones (Note: Earphones are not included)
Save Picture Save clear and vibrant pictures
3-Level LED Adjustment Ensures clear and bright images and videos even in dark or humid environments
2X Digital Zoom Present ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details
16G TF Card Store files for better reference and analysis
Pipe Compatibility
 1. Easily pass through straight pipes with diameters greater than 40mm/1.57in.
2. When the pipe diameter is larger than 100mm/3.9in, it can pass through the 90° elbow pipe.
Coil & Length
 0.28"/7mm stiff coil: 165ft


Touch Screen Sewer Camera with Self-leveling & Meter Counter


Overall, S610ASMKTCP provides a series of enhancements that greatly improve its usability and performance. The device is designed to provide a superior user experience in a variety of applications.