To Rent or Buy a Sewer Inspection Camera?

Owning the right toolset helps you be effective and productive in the sewer and plumbing industry. One of the most necessary tools you need for a drain cleaning job is a sewer inspection camera; so the question is no more if to use it or not. The main question about Sewer Inspection Cameras is which is a better option for you: rental or purchase cameras?

Either way, you will face cons and pros. So, let’s go through each option and see what fits you best.

Besides the costs, deciding whether to buy or rent a sewer camera depends on a few more considerations:

  • Is a sewer camera necessary for your services?

Does renting a sewer inspection camera satisfy your needs? Or do you have to own one to make sure the device is always there for you to offer your services more confidently?

  • Do you require it for ongoing or occasional use?

For some, being in the sewer and plumbing industry doesn’t necessarily mean they will do sewer inspections regularly. On the other hand, some others use this device more than other drainage services.

  • What features do you require?

The main functions of the sewer camera include: DVR video recording, audio recording, distance calculation, self-leveling, locator function, etc. Some features in a sewer inspection camera may never be used for some. Are your services offered in a way that you can do your job with devices other than a sewer camera?

  • Does your choice match your budget plan?

Budget is a powerful decision factor. As sewer cameras are costly, you should consider your financial limits and decide whether to rent one for the time being or buy one.Compare rental and purchase prices. I know that Sanyipace has a low-priced sewer camera that starts at just $299, which is a lot cheaper than a typical rental. Consider buying one if you are using it for the first time or if you do not need multiple functions.

  • Can you afford a sewer camera's anticipated maintenance and repair costs?

Sewer cameras are expensive to maintain. Is your business making enough money to enable you to afford the maintenance costs?Therefore, you need to understand its after-sales maintenance services before purchasing equipment.

  • Will owning a sewer camera benefit you financially?

And finally, owning a drainage camera should be justifiable financially and beneficially for you. If you spend on this device and are unsure if it returns your investment, then go with a rental.

Answer the questions above and list the cons and pros mentioned below about each option.

Purchase a sewer inspection camera

One of the most significant investments you can make in the plumbing and drain cleaning business is an inspection camera. These devices come with full ownership of the diagnostic tools when purchased.

Additionally, controlling the equipment's availability may be essential to your success. You can use equipment you own anytime your clients need it. 

However, to decide if buying is a good option for you, you need to investigate more about its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some pros and cons of buying a sewer camera:

Pros of buying a sewer camera

  • Long-term financial benefits
  • Owning the product
  • Flexibility in usage
  • Quick access to the device and zero delays
  • Having access to all the information about the pipes you inspected
  • You won’t worry about turning it back on time
  • You can always replace it with a newer product by paying a little more money
  • You are not required to follow rental regulations
  • You can choose products that are affordable and customised
  • Remotely inspect plumbing systems effectively

Cons of buying a sewer camera

  • High upfront cost
  • Service, upkeep, and insurance expenses
  • Blocking and maintaining your money in one place
  • You might have extended times of not using it if

One of the factors that might encourage you to purchase a sewer camera is ownership; You have total control over your property if you own it. You can make any necessary adjustments and manage maintenance, ensuring that work is done in accordance with your requirements and that the equipment's useful life is extended.

Moreover, you can order specific models and features that your job requires when making a purchase. However, when renting, you must do with the inventory that the vendor has on hand.

Rent a sewer inspection camera

Sewer cameras can be rented from local retailers. This service can highly benefit you of its cost-effectiveness and flexible usage. You can increase your capabilities by accessing the newest technologies through rental services.

To decide whether renting is the best option for you, dive deeper to address this option's advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some pros and cons of renting a sewer camera:

Pros of renting a sewer camera

  • Lower expenses
  • Covered for Service & Maintenance
  • Pre-purchase testing
  • Support & Counsel
  • Access to the latest products
  • access to a wide variety of technologies
  • Suitability and adaptability

Cons of renting a sewer camera

  • Over a lengthy period, it becomes more expensive than buying one
  • The device isn't always available

Off-season time might be an excellent factor to push you towards renting. You can prevent having equipment sit idle in the off-season by renting it. Finance, storage, and maintenance expenses for equipment only used for a few months out of the year can pile up quickly.

In addition, Usually, the companies that rent out equipment are the ones who pay for repairs caused by wear and tear. Beyond service expenses, the downtime associated with completing service can also be minimised when renting; usually, equipment is switched out when service is required, resulting in the least amount of downtime possible.

In a nutshell, it's a practical choice for experts who wish to experiment with and evaluate new technology. Or those who want to use it just for one time. Others may feel constrained by having to wait for rental equipment. That is because it slows down development and results in expensive delays.

You got a third option: Leasing sewer inspection cameras

As it costs a lot to buy the equipment, leasing can be an option too. The initial out-of-pocket cost will be higher than leasing the identical equipment, whether you choose to pay the entire purchase price at once or finance it.

In essence, a lease is a long-term rental contract wherein the equipment's owner agrees to let the lessee use the asset in return for recurrent lease payments. At the conclusion of the lease, there may be a purchase option.

Leasing advantages:

  • Preserves capital
  • Improved financials
  • Fewer hassles
  • Fewer financial obligations

Which is best for you?

Ultimately, there is no best way to benefit from a sewer inspection camera.

Rental, purchase or lease is up to you, your needs, working style, how frequently you will use it, and your budget. Whatever option you choose, make sure it best meets your needs.

If you can't decide, our professionals can help you pick the best option and ensure it works for you.