S810ASMKT360 VS U88360


Our S810ASMKT360 and U88360 sewer cameras are more advanced and efficient inspection systems. The newly upgraded camera offers superior 360° rotation capabilities. This cutting-edge feature sets our product apart from traditional sewer cameras and provides an unparalleled perspective for sewer inspections. With new 360° rotating cameras, our sewer inspection technology goes beyond the limitations of traditional cameras to accurately identify and locate blockages and hidden obstructions within pipes. This capability ensures that even the most challenging sewer problems are solved with precision and efficiency.

In addition to camera upgrades, our sewer inspection technology continues to offer a variety of cables that provide flexibility and adaptability for a variety of pipe sizes and conditions. These cables are designed to withstand the harsh environment of sewer systems, ensuring durability and reliability. Our sewer inspection technology is constructed from rugged materials to withstand the rigors of professional use. It’s not just for experienced plumbers, but also for DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution to their sewage problems. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, our upgraded technology makes sewer inspection and management easier for all users.

What do they have in common?

The Same Features

Meter Counter Record distance in real time
512Hz Transmitter Simply & accurately locating the issue area
Video/Audio Recording One-click video/audio recording
Mic & Speaker Quickly record problems
Save Picture Save clear and vibrant pictures
5-Level LED Adjustment Capture clear and accurate visuals regardless of lighting conditions
5X Digital Zoom Present ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details
16G TF Card Store files for better reference and analysis

What do they have in difference?

Detachable Rotating Control Box
Independent Cable Pulley Rack
Camera Head Dual lens:
Pan 360° rotation
360° rotating camera:
Pan 360°rotation and tilt 145°rotation
LED Lamp Beads 12 pcs LED lights ✖ 2 8 pcs LED lights
Screen Size
Resolution 1080P 720P
Coil & Length
0.28"/7mm hard coil
0.35"/9mm super stiff coil


Long range pipe camera


By continuously improving our products, we strive to provide the best experience to our valued customers. With our highly capable S810ASMKT360 and U88360 sewer inspection systems, you can trust that you have the best tools to handle any sewer-related challenge with confidence and efficiency.