Professional Sewer Camera With Meter Counter Sanyipace S8951DM


Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. In today's video, I will share the unboxing of a drainage camera. This camera allows us to look through the drainage pipes and reach where the human eye cannot. If you are a plumber, consider watching this video because this tool is beneficial for you to do your job. I will talk about the details and do some tests on it. Say no more. Let's start with this unpacking.

Sanyipace sewer camera


This is how it looks out of the box it comes, with its base made of metal below. There is also the roller with the cable and a plastic case to prevent any damage. So we can take it anywhere place over there. Its handle of the case also brings its locks quite well so that it has a seal and does not fill with dust or moisture.

This is the brand of the camera, Sanyipace. Here is its official page, where you can scan them through your phone to go directly to them, and they also give you support through WhatsApp or email. We are going to open it to see everything that comes in it.

Sanyipace sewer camera

We can find the manual with all the details about the machine. This is a model S8951DM. This camera can not only be used for plumbing but also in areas of difficult access, such as air conditioning ducts, where it is required to do some underground rescue to explore underwater. You can even use it in construction to see through or behind a wall.

Inside the case, we can store all the components that are required. We can find the charger with a light. This light will indicate when it is charged or lacks charge. When it lacks charge or is charging, it will turn red. Once it is charged, it will turn green. We also include a camera protective cover that helps to prevent the camera from being scratched.

Sanyipace inspection camera

We are going to talk about the details of the camera. This camera has a 9-inch monitor inches with a resolution of 1080. The camera head is made of stainless steel with 12 LED lights that we can adjust to high or low density. There is a connection on the back. These connections are designed to be very easy to connect. We just need to follow the instructions to connect the interfaces.

Sanyipace inspection camera

LCD Monitor Operation

I'll explain what these buttons do on the LCD monitor. This red button is for turning it on. Here, it would be welcoming us. And we also find links where we can buy it. The date and time can be seen on the camera display. Likewise, it also has a meter counting function, so we can see how far the cable has traveled on the screen. Every time we press the LED button, the density of the light will increase.

 Sanyipace inspection camera

Here, we have the recording button. Press it on the screen, and we can see that the recording has started. We press it again, and we finish with that recording. When we need to watch a stored video, we can search here in ''Play''. To see more clearly, you can press the zoom button, which has five times the focal length. You can find more setting options in the menu button, which is well worth a try.

Tests in three different scenarios

I am going to do the first test in a drainage tube. It is the one that is commonly used in plumbing. It is a tube for drainage. It is black, which allows us a better test. We can delete the meaningless distance from the cable to the pipe entrance through the clear button so that you will get the accurate distance.

 Sanyipace inspection camera

I'm going to do a second demo. I am going to put it through a wall. I took advantage of the fact that I am working here, installing a socket for a television. Having already cut the hole, we are going to observe what is there inside and where we are going to introduce the wire. There, you can clearly see how the electricity wires are going down where we are going to introduce the one that we are going to put here.

We have to get it to the box down there. We are going to go down there. We can see the little piece we cut right now to make the hole. At the moment, we are introducing the wire that can be seen clearly through the camera. I'm going to zoom in to see it better. The image quality is excellent.

Sanyipace pipeline camera

I'm going to do one last test of this drainage camera in the house plumbing. The fiberglass cable gave the camera unobstructed access deep into the pipe, and the image quality was so clear that at least we knew the pipe needed cleaning.

There is a tool that allows us to do a type of cleaning on these pipes, which is pressure washing with water. Here, it is still 2 inches. I'm going to take it to where the main one is. It's going to be 4 inches. There is a lot of accumulation of food here and a transfer to here.

Sanyipace pipeline camera

Footage stored via viewing recording is not as good as footage shot directly on camera in real time. Remember, this drainage camera is equipped with a 1080P FHD camera, giving you a high-definition image experience.


Well, friends, I will go with the review of this camera for drainage. As you can see in the tests, it looks pretty good inside the pipes, as much as behind the wall. Its uses go far beyond what we've shown. There are endless uses in which we can use it. If you liked the video, do not forget to give me a like. Remember that the comments are open for any questions or suggestions that you want to give me. As always, I will share the link in case you are interested in acquiring it or looking at it for more details. Thank you very much, and see you in the next one.

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