How to choose the best sewer camera

It goes without saying that sewer cameras have become a necessity in life. It can be found in many industries, including construction, maintenance and plumbing repairs. Sewer inspection cameras are widely used tools by contractors, plumbers, home inspectors, municipal workers, engineers, and other professionals. In addition to these professionals, every family can also use our easy-to-use plug-and-play tools.
It's versatile and can help you reach areas you can't see, including drains, under maintenance hole covers, behind walls, rat holes, vents, and more. The internal situation can be known through the display portrait, and the maintenance worker can make the best solution according to the content of the picture. Without the help of sewer camera technology, we would have no way of knowing what went wrong and what caused it? This tool proves people to be more productive and stop working blindly.
Many customers who buy a sewer camera for the first time do not know how to choose a product that suits their needs. This article will introduce the features of sewer cameras one by one to help you select a product that fits your budget and needs.

Screen Size

The quality of the screen is mainly affected by the size and resolution. Generally speaking, the larger the size and the higher the resolution, the clearer the viewing. With enough budget, you can choose products with large screen sizes, such as 9 inches and 10 inches. If you are not on a budget, the 7-inch screen can also satisfy you to see the blockage in the duct. It is also essential to have a DVR function on the screen. When you do not repair the pipeline, you can record it and consult a professional plumber.


The quality of the camera is mainly determined by the number of LED lamp beads and the material of the camera head. Since sewer cameras are used to inspect hard-to-see areas, typically areas with no light, there is enough light to allow you to see more clearly. Having a brighter light source is more helpful for seeing things.
Sanyipace's camera has 6 and 12 LEDs for you to choose from. You can adjust the brightness to achieve the effect you want.
Since the environment where the camera arrives in relatively harsh, it is recommended that you choose a durable and anti-drop stainless steel material. In addition to stainless steel, we also have upgraded models with sapphire stainless steel, which can better protect the camera from damage.

Built-in battery

The most significant advantage of the built-in battery is plug-and-play. The sewer pipe camera comes with a 12V 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery (with battery status display). It's convenient to use outside, and no need to plug it into a power source. You are guaranteed 8 hours of continuous work time before needing to recharge again from a power source.

Distance Counter Function

Sanyipace F929DJTX Pipe Camera has a locator function to make it accurately locate the precise issues area. Plus distance counter function automatically displays camera distance by meter/feet on screen and no more guesswork; Upgraded 512hz Locator & distance counter functional Plumbing camera faster to pinpoint the issue position accurately, effectively solves the hard work of inspecting sewer lines, drains, and any narrow underground environment, etc.

512Hz Transmitter and Receiver

Sanyipace Sewer drain camera built-in 512Hz sonde transmitter features flexible and stable signal which perfectly works with Included 512hz Receiver, makes locating things more accessible, with greatly save time & effort in operation of finding and digging the problem area. The upgraded 512hz frequency sonde locator is compatible with any 512hz receiver(not limited Sanyipace brand). Our 512HZ receiver supports up to 10 hours of working time for each fully charged. There is a far mode and near mode to switch freely for more accessible and more precisely locating things, significantly saving time & effort in the operation of finding and digging the problem area. And effectively solves the hard work of inspecting sewer lines, drains, any narrow underground environment, etc.

Self-leveling Function

Our Self-leveling pipe cameras can deliver good pictures at all times, irrespective of the angle at which the device is tilted, allowing plumbing repair professionals to get a clear image inside the pipe. This helps the users get orientation; it is an essential part of trenchless pipe repair and makes Pipe inspection easier.


Waterproofing is the most basic function of sewer cameras, so be sure to choose a waterproof product with IP68 or higher. Sanyipace drain camera dia is 22mm, which fits straight pipes at 25mm/1in-200mm/8in. It uses IP68 waterproof stainless-steel housing and protects the cover. A super flexible spring camera head with 6pcs or 12pcs adjustable LED light to brighten up. The half-rigid fibreglass detects cable, ensures the sewer camera is well protected from any damage while operating and works perfectly in the dark environment.

Coil Length

Coil length determines how far your camera can go. First, you must decide whether you are using it at home or for work. For family use, buying 20 meters or 30 meters is recommended. Professional maintenance workers recommend buying 30 meters or 50 meters to deal with pipeline conditions. In addition to choosing length, wire stiffness is also essential. Too soft wire is challenging to reach long-distance, so buying a semi-rigid hardness coil is recommended to ensure that it matches the place that needs to be checked.


There is no worst or best product, only what works best for you. You can read the product features above and choose the parts you need most to purchase the product.
The following is a table of our product features. You can choose the right product by comparing the differences. If you encounter any difficulties choosing, you can always contact us for help. Mail: