What features should a sewer camera have?

How Sewer Cameras Work

A sewer camera usually consists of a monitor, the camera itself, a cable, a control box and some accessories. A semi-rigid cable connects the camera through the pipe and the monitor observes what the camera detects. Simply push the cable to move the camera forward.
Sewer inspection cameras can detect most plumbing problems, which may include clogged pipes, large trees and roots, and broken pipes. The camera can also identify grease buildup, obstructions, and rusted pipes.

Five major functions of Sanyipace sewer camera

Sewer cameras are often used in industries such as housing and construction. The purpose of using them is to identify problems in various pipes such as blockages, pipe breaks, sewer corrosion, etc. Navigating through these dark, wet and hostile environments requires a sewer camera with many special features. Functions such as meter counting, self-leveling, and lighting help inspectors detect those hard-to-reach areas.

1. Meter Counter

The distance detected by the camera is displayed in real time on the screen, allowing you to quickly and easily locate the problem area.

2. Self-leveling

Automatically adjusts orientation and leveling to always provide an upright image. Provide a better image experience and simplify detection work.

3. Built-in 512Hz transmitter

Equipped with a 512Hz locator, you can accurately locate the signal sending area and find the target more accurately and quickly.

4. LED&IP68 waterproof

The camera head works easily underwater, and the adjustable LED light ensures clear footage even in dark, wet conditions.

5. Multifunctional Buttons and Keyboards

Keep records during your work to facilitate subsequent analysis. Special function buttons make operation more convenient.

sanyipace sewer camera


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