What areas of the house need camera inspections?

If you happen to be purchasing a new property, are about to purchase a property, or are planning to renovate a home that you purchased ten years ago, then a home inspection is a must for you. A home inspection will help you identify safety issues and maintenance problems that can cause serious trouble and expense down the road. As a handy tool for plumbers, handypersons, and inspectors, inspection cameras can adapt to narrow, dark environments to help people check those hard-to-reach areas. Here are some of the areas where an inspection camera can make a difference in a home inspection.

What areas of the house need camera inspections?

Plumbing Inspection

When there are plumbing issues, you can inspect your plumbing lines to detect problems such as clogs, leaks, and damaged pipes, with sewer cameras providing efficient repairs. You can assess the condition of your sewer lines, identify blockages, and determine the most appropriate course of action to restore normal flow.

Storm Drain Inspection

Storm drainage systems are essential for preventing storm flooding. Use a drain camera to check that your storm drain system is in tip-top shape and prevent a potential disaster due to blockages or damage.

HVAC Inspection

HVAC ducts often have sharp bends, narrow branches, and intersections that you can't access in the usual way. Without a specialized camera, the only way to observe these areas is to break through the walls.

Roof Inspection

Check the exterior of your roof for signs of damage or wear. This includes scrutinizing the shingles for missing shingles, leaks, waterproofing damage, and caulking cracks.

Wall Inspection

Inspection cameras can find hidden problems within walls. They can spot structural problems and locate studs and wires in hard-to-reach spaces.

What areas of the house need camera inspections?


Drainage pipes line the floors and walls of a home. It's important to know that if there are any leaks in these pipes, they can lead to water damage or mold formation. A home inspection can help every homeowner understand the condition of the property so they know what risks to consider.

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