Six processes for correctly operating a sewer camera system

Sewer line inspections using a camera inspection system are simple yet highly effective and are one of the most convenient ways to accurately identify sewer line and plumbing problems. A great tool only works best when used correctly. Mastering the following six processes should help you navigate sewer and gutter work, and using them correctly will keep your hardware in tip-top shape for years to come.

1. Check the equipment

Check that the product is in good working order and that accessories are available.

2. Prepare appropriate pipes

Pipes are sized for the camera to push into, using sewer snakes to clear obvious obstacles if necessary. As the probe approaches the corner, accelerate and push the cable forward hard to pass smoothly.

3. Connection and calibration

Connect the control units correctly and adjust the Zoom, LED light, and other settings of the device.

4. Do not use violence

Please do not swing the cable forcefully or bend the coil to 90°. When encountering obstacles, there is no need to use brute force to pass them. The camera is only used as an inspection tool and does not have the function of clearing obstacles.

5. Observe and record

View the real-time feedback of the probe through the device screen and use functions such as photo capturing and video recording to make records for future reference and analysis.

6. Retract the device

After the work is done, retract the cables along the original route. Clean and sanitize camera heads, cables, and accessories to prevent the spread of bacteria.
How to correctly operate sewer cameras?


Camera inspections can reveal conditions inside sewer pipes, allowing them to pinpoint where pipes are crushed or broken. It's important to find the exact area so that any repair doesn't involve too much digging. Operators need to master the correct core procedures for operating sewer cameras to ensure the smooth progress of the work and improve work efficiency.

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