5 Benefits of Using Sewer Cameras

Expensive sewer camera repair costs have been plaguing every household. Have you ever considered getting a cheap and good sewer camera? You will be able to repair it yourself when there is a problem. When there is a problem with our sewers, it is usually easy to spot. For example, the sewer emits an unpleasant odour, your drains make a lot of noise when draining, empty slower than before sewage flows back into your sink and other sewers, etc.

Sewer lines are so intricately lined up that you have no idea where the problem is. Using a sewer camera allows you to identify the exact location of the problem quickly. Suppose a sewer line is clogged, bulging, broken, crushed, or disconnected. In that case, a camera inspection will allow your plumber to detect the problem quickly and accurately so they can find the right solution.

What is a sewer camera?

A sewer camera is a waterproof camera located at the end of a long, rugged cable called a pushrod. Images from inside the pipe are transmitted in real-time back to a controller monitor, allowing the user to view live video, make USB recordings, consider the length of the footage, and even position the camera under the concrete floor.
Sanyipace uses modular components to design sewer cameras, and each individual component is inserted into each other, which is easy to operate.

Benefits of using sewer cameras

1. Pinpointing the location and cause of the problem.

What is causing the sewer to build up? What location has a rupture? Or some other reason why the sewer is not working correctly, there is no way to tell and know the answer. But when you use the drain camera, you will know the exact answers to these questions. The camera has 12 LED lights that can clearly see the problems in the sewer pipe by adjusting the brightness. You can also record a video telling the plumber to use this information for a thorough drain repair.

2. Save time fixing plumbing problems.

You certainly don't want to delay the repair process when you have a plumbing problem, especially in a sewer system. Not only can delays be an inconvenience, but prolonged plumbing problems can cause additional damage to the construction of your home or business.

3. Save you money on sewer repairs.

Identifying the problem will help fix the sewer blockage and get your pipes flowing correctly again. In addition, by running a camera through your pipes, you can determine the exact location of the problem, which can prevent unnecessary digging.

4. Early detection of hidden dangers of water pipes.

Many families start looking for solutions and repair measures only after the drainage pipe has problems. We should do regular inspections of the drain to find out the existence of hidden issues in advance to prolong its service life. With a drain camera inspection, you can find these problems early and have time to make solutions to keep your drains in good working condition.

5. Find small objects

Have you ever accidentally lost your diamond ring while washing your hands? Did you accidentally lose your earrings in the shower? There are all kinds of little things that get washed down the drain. You do not know where they are actually located, sometimes just a dozen centimetres from the mouth of the pipe, but you think it has fallen into a very deep tube and missed the opportunity to pick them up. If you use the sewer camera, you can check the location of the loss and use the gadget to pick it up to avoid unnecessary losses.

What is the cost of a sewer camera inspection?

The average cost of a sewer camera inspection is $560, which does not include the cost of repairs.
Renting a sewer camera that doesn't function much and has a cable that only extends 65 feet costs between $200-$400.
Instead of spending a lot of money to consume a product, you don't own, why not buy one? Sanyipace's sewer camera minimum price is $399.99, and for only $399.99, you can have a repair machine of your own. Why not do that?

How can I prevent sewer line clogs?

As a household, there are several steps we can take to prevent sewer clogs.
1. Flush only toilet paper.
2. Keep sewer lines away from tree roots.
3. Do not plant trees or bushes near the sewer or branch pipes.
4. Avoid pouring fat, grease, etc. down the drain.
5. Drain or replace old pipes on time.
6. Install sewer backup valves.
7. Avoid connecting downspouts, drains, sump pumps, or flood control systems to the sanitary sewer.
8. Inspect your pipes regularly with a sewer camera.


A plumbing camera is not just a tool for a plumber but a tool every home should have. You can use it to check the condition of your pipes regularly so that when there is a problem, you can check where the problem is first, saving time and money in fixing the plumbing problem. In ordinary life, we should prevent sewer clogs and do as little as possible to discourage plumbing health actions. If you don't know which plumbing camera to choose, you can always contact our customer service team for help.

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