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Today, I've got a new multifunctional articulating borescope by Sanyipace.
Take a look at this model SU9432. And it's articulating, and you can actually move the camera around do almost 360 degrees. We're going to put this thing through its paces and check it out.


Come to the nice carry case. There's the unit. It's a bendy boroscope. Look around corners with this. Of course, it's not detachable from the actual controller itself because it obviously has control cables that go through here. But let's fire this thing up, and then we will put it to the test and see what it can see. I guess it comes with a USB charging cable. So we're going to plug it in and charge it up. It's going to be accessible on the side here, and it looks like it comes with a TF card or micro SD. This one is already installed. It's a 32 GB. So it's ready to make videos and take pictures without having to buy any additional Hardware.


With the battery charged, let's open it up and see how it works. With the power buttons on the top, we're going to press and hold the button down for three seconds, and that will turn on the camera. If I operate the left and right control, it will tilt the camera back and forth. The camera has a bend radius of almost 360 Degrees, which is great if you're going to inspect inside a cylinder head or something you need to look back at the direction in which the camera is inserted. I'm going to try this out in different things inside the house. I might even pull a spark plug on my bike and stick this down into the head.

best borescope from Sanyipace


1. Pressing the Settings button allows you to set many options.

1) Resolution can be set to VGA, 1280x720, or 1920x1080. We'll take it to that one highest resolution.

2) Date label that would put the date and time on. You can have that on or off. So you can make a record of when the recording was done.

3) Turn on the Shutter sound, if you want it to make a click when you take a picture.

4) Turn on the Auto poweroff, and you can have it shut off after five or ten minutes in case you forget.

5) Language can be set to English, French, or other different languages.

6) Format would be to format the card, and the version number got to be set up again to get back out of.

2. The "M" button switches between three modes: taking photos, recording videos, and viewing albums.

3. When you press the camera button, it'll start recording, so now it's recording camera sees.

4. The second button switches the light on and off. There are three brightness levels: high, medium, and low.

sanyipace inspection camera

(We're going to use the footage from the card in the video.)


So I think I've covered the basic operations, which are pretty simple after all. Open the manual, which contains safety and maintenance instructions. " This product is a Multifunctional Articulating Borescope camera and is not intended for medical use or human examination."

Sanyipace User Manual

I would test this on a motorcycle with 60,000 miles on it. I'm going to pull out the spark plugs and use a borescope to look inside the engine and see the shape of the cylinder head.

I'll be showing you guys a video right from this here. I would put this camera in there and look at all the crap on the piston. Let's try this under different lighting levels. Push this thing down a little further, and I should be able to maneuver it up and see the valve. There may not be enough clearance to see the valve. After I lowered the camera a bit and turned it around, I managed to see the cylinder.

There's the cylinder head. This is much better than my other one which only has three cameras. It can see the sides but not the back like this one. That is pretty impressive. You can look at the actual head itself. The bore of the valves is closed obviously because the piston's down. The other one probably parked the way up. But this looks great. I guess you can see what I'm seeing. I'll show you guys the video off here, but I'm able to tip this, you know, tilt this camera back and forth and see there's the actual borescope lead going in the tether, but I can see the entire inside of the engine. I can turn it around and get a different look inspection. It's looking great, not bad for an engine that's got 60,000 miles on it. It's actually very clean, with just a little bit of carbon on the exhaust valve, which is to be expected.

So this time, I'm going to do an inspection of the ventilation system. It's dark in this closet aisle. I'm going to put the camera into the where the UV light normally goes into my air conditioning system. We're going to take a look around inside now. I will take the check the coil out, check out the air conditioning coil. Next, I'm going to look up into the Attic foreign, so we're looking in behind the HVAC plenum. I got the camera shoved down the wall, and I got it twisted to the right. So you can see the pipe. There's only about a maybe an inch or so of space in there. So it's quite versatile as to what you're able to see for doing a thorough inspection in places where you just can't see it. Another thing that makes the borescope a great diagnostic tool: Let's say you find some evidence of engine damage or something while you're doing the inspection, you don't have to take the card out and insert it into your computer to show it to the customer, you just open the device and Just play the file directly on the screen. In addition, the device can also play sounds, and we can play back recordings.

Sanyipace Inspection Camera

(I set it to 1080p, but I guess it only records 720p. Or maybe I didn't set it up correctly, but our files show up as 720p anyway.)


In short, you can bring the device to the customer and show them the camera screen directly. You can also play diagnostic information on your device without having to transfer files from the card to your computer for download. Tell them this is what we recorded. This is the evidence we have to prove your car is out of water, and you know there are scratches on the cylinder walls or your car is out of gas.

It can be seen that this is a very useful tool. The fact that you can rotate this thing almost 360 degrees makes it incredibly valuable when you need to check something like an engine. This is very useful as you can pop it out of the spark plug hole or put it into the intake chamber. Even look at the exhaust system to see what's inside the feature. I think after this test, this borescope is superior to all other borescopes I have tried. I've tried a few of them, and we have a winner here. The link is in the description here.

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