S810ADSMKT VS U88512


Sanyipace's S810ADSMKT and U88512 are superior to other sewer camera on the market due to their thicker and more rigid coils, which allow for easier navigation of deeper pipes without kinking. These two large sewer cameras stand out from other models, such as the box type, in terms of appearance, wire, and price.

For larger and more complex pipe inspection jobs, the S810ADSMKT and U88512 models are the perfect fit. These models may come with a higher price tag, but they offer a wider range of pipeline inspections. If you are looking for a more powerful and specialized sewer camera, choosing between these two models is highly recommended. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the key features and prices of these sewer cameras to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

What do they have in common?

The Same Camera Head
 Camera Diameter 0.9in/23mm
Camera Angle 145°
Camera Light Source 12pcs 1W high white LED (adjustable)
Waterproof Level IP68
The Same Features
1080P HD Deliver crystal 1080P HD images
Self-Leveling Always provide an upright image
Meter Counter Record distance in real time
512Hz Transmitter Simply & accurately locating the issue area
Video/Audio Recording One-click video/audio recording
Mic & Speaker Quickly record problems
Save Picture Save clear and vibrant pictures
5-Level LED Adjustment Capture clear and accurate visuals regardless of lighting conditions
5X Digital Zoom Present ultra-clear and ultra-realistic details
16G TF Card Store files for better reference and analysis
NOTE: S810ADSMKT default self-leveling camera head;
U88512 has camera head options with or without self-leveling.

What do they have in difference?

Detachable Rotating Control Box
Independent Cable Pulley Rack
Screen Size
10.1" Screen
9" Screen
Coil & Length
0.28"/7mm hard coil
0.35"/9mm super stiff coil

 Large long range pipe camera