I Expected A Different Critter In This Drain Tile!


I have a feeling today is going to be a very interesting day as we put a drain camera down this pipe here.

This pipe is connected to all the other drains and flows outside into the woods. In my suspicion, those pipes are also connected to all the down pipes or the gutters. So when it rains, I get quite a bit of water and quite a bit of debris. You can see some of the debris around here that comes up when it starts raining hard. It will start pushing the water up. It will get to about this area here. And then, no matter if it's raining hard or not, it will continue just to go down.

So it's very brief, but it makes me wonder: Are there Critters up in here? Are there just some bumps up and downs? Are there odd connections?

Sanyipace Drain Camera

Detect gutters with the Sanyipace sewer camera

Find the drain pipe entrance

There's a gutter right here, but let me just walk you around and show you the whole area. So outside, the barn gutter comes down obviously right next to that drain as we walk outside. This cleanup had nothing to do with this drain. There is another drain in my garage. The pipes go through the woods and may be hard to see, but it's there. There was a tree on it, and we cut it off. It kind of snakes its way out there. This should be PVC on the inside. And then we have corrugated on the outside, but let's see what our camera shows us.

Turn on the camera

So we're going to use this camera to probe the hole. I've got the protective camera cover on. The camera head looks flexible because it's made of super flexible springs. We're going down the sewer pipe. The sewer camera is from Sanyipace, and the camera takes amazing pictures. Beyond that, we can record, playback, and save to a drive.

Sanyipace Sewer Camera

What we captured

At the same point, this has a lot of capabilities. I'll put a link to it in the description. We'll turn the lights on here. Take a look at what's going on down here. Clean picture, and it's interesting. Almost looks like a screw up in here. There's our pipe out now. This is corrugated, not what I expected. The rest of this place has been PVC, which would have been. In my opinion, much better choice than corrugated, especially when you're underneath concrete. Let's just keep going and see what we find. This looks like we're heading downward, and we're going to be pushing some stuff up.

There are buildups here, and it's obvious that this stuff is backing up from the sewer. Here is where we connected the PVC back to the bellows. Here's the trouble I'm facing. We just replaced the roof, and there's a lot of standing water on the roof. So, I have to assume this is old. Let's see if we can get over it. We're underwater. We're at the end.

Sanyipace Pipeline Camera

What's interesting is that this inspection camera helps us see what's going on in the gutters. We observed half-full of aggregate off the roof. It's a pretty clear picture of the exact issue. You can see where the camera has been pushed over the top of it. I have to assume that this is going down, backing up here, and pushing things up to see if we can get through some of this and see if we can get a Direction. We're continuing to go down the pipe. Now, we may either be going up towards the eave trough or down towards the secondary eave trough. Either way, it's pretty decent view. Interesting, to say the least, I expected to find a critter in here; I did not expect to find a bunch of aggregate off the roof.

sanyipace sewer camera

Out towards the second furthest away drain, something looked really light. That was just water. So there are obviously areas where water is sitting there. We've been watching underwater through the sewer camera. What's neat about this to me is that the camera has detected 71 feet, which is a good distance. As we continue down, this product has helped me capture a lot of underwater footage. The fact that we are able to continue to push this down without having a fiberglass rod. Now, here's an issue. We are full of water. That is not easy to see here because everything here is a nest. If we get it right, you can see there's a bunch of grass and roots here. Let's see if we can keep sneaking past it.

sanyipace duct camera

The camera screen shows we've reached a distance of 95 feet. It's hard to get around this root-laden area, and it takes a lot of pressure. We can see a bunch of little critters living down here. It's a worm that lives in this tile. From the camera, it looks like you're in the ocean. Either way, there's a buildup in this pipe, so I've got to get the camera out before we clear the pipe.

sanyipace drain camera


This device solved my problem today. At least I know what is wrong with my drains. It doesn't need to be used every day, but I will be using this pipe camera on a regular basis to check the drains in my house and garage. After all, you can't know what's wrong with your pipes without checking them. Sooner or later, this will affect our lives. I was expecting to detect some sort of raccoon nest, maybe even a dead raccoon or dead animal. I didn't expect to see tree roots blocking the end of the tube, which is obviously easy enough to fix.

But it's helpful to have an inspection camera anyway. Especially when bees appear in the area being observed. You can check if it's safe to look around with this drain camera. It is nice to have a pipeline camera with a transmitter probe and a large screen. In addition to real-time distance detection, equipped with a locator, you can find the exact location, which I think is a huge advantage. On this drain probe, I really thought I'd be able to get a shot of the critter with the camera and flush the bones out. Drain detection cameras are really worth the investment, and I couldn't do these inspections without them. Let me know if you have one of these in your home. Give me a shout out in the comments, and give me a shout out in this video. Thanks for your time.

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