Five facts about sewer cameras

Before buying a sewer camera, in addition to knowing its working principle and function, what else do you know about sewer cameras? Do you know how many types of sewer cameras there are? Do you know how to judge the quality of a piece of equipment? Read this blog to learn more about sewer cameras.

All-in-one System & Box Pipe Camera: More portable and easy to move around.
Stand Up Pipe Camera & Long Range Pipe Camera: Larger in size, supporting ultra-long range detection.

More features mean a higher-quality camera that can handle tougher pipe inspections. Such as meter counting, self-leveling, 512Hz positioning and other functions.

The quality of the camera is mainly determined by the number of LED lamp beads and the material of the camera.
For a more comprehensive field of view, a 360° rotating camera is the best.

The length determines the detection distance, and the stiffness determines the difficulty of detection. Semi-rigid stiffness coils are best suited for passing through various types of pipes.(5mm, 7mm, 9mm optional)

The quality of the screen is mainly affected by size and resolution. Usually, the larger the size, the higher the resolution.

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