A Review of Sanyipace Sewer Camera with 512Hz Transmitter Sonde


Hey everybody, I'm Dominick. In this video, what we're going to be doing is inspecting a leech field of a septic system. Now, a few months ago, we found a lot of different issues. We had a lot of wet spots coming up, we had broken pipes, and we had another pipe coming in that was just feeding the field with a crazy amount of water that was coming off a mountain. Those issues seem to have been resolved, but I don't think it's 100%, so we're going to get into those pipes and find out.

In order to do that, we need a special sewer camera that is able to get in there and record. If we have an issue, we need to be able to use tools to locate where that is. But a disclosure that the camera I'm going to be showing you was given to me by Sanyipace. It seems to be a really cool camera, so let me show it to you.

Product features&Testing

Here's our whole camera. I got a keyboard and 200 feet of camera wire. There's our our camera. It would maybe be a good idea if I didn't have it in the sun. Now, what we need to do is get this camera inside the D-box. Now, I left this D-box exposed for the simple reason of returning months later to see what was going on.

Sanyipace sewer camera

So we got to open this up, get into those pipes. Here's our distribution box. You see these yellow things there. They are called levelers. Now, we can adjust those so one field gets more than the other and so forth. But basically, we want all these even unless we're having an issue with one. We could turn one-off, but we turn one off. It means the rest of them are getting more. If you look closely, you can see where the effluent is actually going in. They slowly, but we really don't have anything coming in from the tank side.

Sanyipace sewer camera

Portable All-in-one Machine

Let's get that camera in the hole. One thing that I have to tell you is that I love the rugged, all-in-one design of this camera. It still holds steady on the rough ground while I pull the cable. I actually have similar cameras, but they could be better designed and hold steady on the grass.

Light Adjustment&Meter Counter Function

I'll be putting this small protective camera cover on the camera head, which is an accessory that came with the camera. It also comes with tube pulleys for larger-sized tubes. After inserting the camera into the hole, we will turn the camera on to record what is captured inside. Since it's dark inside, we need to turn on the LED button, which has five levels of brightness adjustment. The meter counting feature of the camera was useful in that we could clear the distance from the cable pull to the entrance of the cave and start counting the distance from the true starting point.

Sanyipace sewer camera

Self-leveling Function&with 512Hz Locator

The self-leveling feature performs coolly, and we can notice that there are deposits at the bottom of the pipe. We found on the screen that the camera detected water accumulation, so we had to use the accompanying locator to find where the water was accumulating. This receiver works very well with the camera. It works about as well as the $3,000 locator I've bought, but this one is lighter and only costs a couple hundred dollars. This locator only receives a 512 Hz frequency signal, though.

Sanyipace locator

Ultra HD picture quality

After probing the septic tank, I have one more green drain to check. Before I start, I'm going to make some notes, use the keyboard, and type "green pipe." I'm going to use this pulley that fits pipes over four inches in diameter. After adjusting the brightness, the camera is pushed deeper into the pipe. We're now 65 feet in and can clearly see that there's a lot of mud and rocks clogging up here.

Sanyipace Sewer Camera

Sanyipace sewer camera


This is the end of the probe, and I don't intend to go any further. Although the camera can probe further, that's enough for me. This sewer camera has been very productive for me today, letting me know about the plumbing around the house.

Product link: https://bit.ly/3DhYcvm

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